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This is the form of term savings specifically stipulated at Agribank branches where depositors (clients) deposit once and select form of interest payment in accordance with their demand (full advanced interest payment, full deferred interest payment, periodical interest payment) to enjoy higher interest rate than interest rate of normal demand deposit.
  • Clients can select term and form of interest payment conformable to demand of clients;
  • Confirm account balance to prove financial capacity for personal purposes;
  • Keep all personal information safe and confidential: Insured in accordance with regulations of Deposit Insurance
  • Participate in Award program of Agribank (if any): Transfer ownership when the saving book is not matured to maintain the interest: Use the balance to mortgage for loan at Agribank and other credit institutions (stipulated by lending credit institutions);
  • The Bank collects and spends money flexibly at the address of clients in accordance with current regulations of Agribank; Provided with account information services through Mobile Banking, Internet Banking;
  • Use other utilities as stipulated by Agribank,