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Western Union is known as the leading money transfer companies in the world with a wide network in many countries and the agency with the largest money transfer network in Vietnam. Currently, Agribank provide money transfer service and remittance payment services at branches and transaction offices of Agribank. This form of money transfer is quickly, safely and conveniently.
- Customers can get cash without a bank account, charge will be played once at the beginning of transition, time money transfer takes only 10-20 minutes, the bank will pay to the recipient in Vietnam as soon as recipients provided the money transfer code number(MTCN) (10 numbers).
- Customers can get cash at the counter or through your account.
- Customer can receive money direct into account with only few simple steps on mobile phone – ABMT Service (Account Based Money Transfer – The money transferring service to customer’s account via banking services online – Mobile Banking).
Forwarding Currency: USD or currency of the sending countries.
Receiving Currency: USD or VND.
* Customer can receive cash at bank counter or by account
Documents required:
* For customers transferring money: Passport / valid residence card (for employees who reside there).
* For recipient: identity card or valid passport.
* Transfer Limit: Depending on each country.
* Procedures to receive:
For customer receives money at bank counter:
- Agribank clients provide documents as follow:
+ Valid Identity card, military ID or passport.
+ Code provide by the sender.
+ Fill information onto money receive form.
For customer receives money through ABMT:
Customers must register to use the ABMT service at counter: (customers can choose to register Mobile Banking service and ABMT or register E-Mobile Banking services).
For customer register Mobile Banking service and ABMT:
Customers create a message with the syntax:
VBA  WU  MTCN  Currency  Amount     =>   Send 8149
In which:
- VBA is Agribank code.
- WU is the code of Western Union money transfer service.
- MTCN is the money transfer code.
- Currency: VND or USD is the currency type customer wants to receive include Vietnam Dong (VND) and US Dollars (USD)
- Amount: The required amount of money customer wants to receive. If the received currency is Vietnam Dong (VND), customers will receive the value of money by thousands
- For customers who register to the E-Mobile Banking service:
To perform the function of receiving money through the ABMT service on the E-Mobile Banking
- Step 1: Login E-Mobile Banking System
- Step 2: After the successful login, customers go to the screen with the function "Inward remittances"
- Step 3: The "Inward remittances" screen will appear to enter the transaction information. Customers fill in the information on the screen
For customers transfer money from Vietnam to foreign countries:
According to the regulations of the State Bank, remittances abroad have lawful purposes and in compliance with the current regulations of the State Bank.
Steps to transfer money abroad from Vietnam:
Step 1: Visit a branch of Agribank and complete information on the Sending Money Form
Step 2: Submit the form, deposits and fees for transferring money to bank employees with valid identification.
Step 3: The Bank will provide customers with a receipt and a money transfer code number (MTCN) consisted of 10 digits. Customers contact the recipient, providing the necessary information in the full name of the sender, the amount sent, Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and water deposits. No offer Cash Code (MTCN) to anyone other than the recipient.
For questions relating to money transfer service, please contact:
Agribank Remittance Service Center
Number 135 – Lac Long Quan – Tay Ho – Ha Noi – Viet Nam
Phone: (084) 37722793/37722794 4
Fax: (084) 4 37722795